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Prayer for Prodigals book

Prayers for Prodigals

90 Days of Prayer for Your Child

“Prayed out?” This bestselling book offers parents hope and help in the most challenging seasons. 90 days of inspiring, Scripture-based prayers and reflections drawn from personal experience point readers to God’s faithfulness, power and love. It’s also now been updated with discussion questions for small groups and with “prayer helps” for the reader. Also available in Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese (you can contact James directly for these editions).

I am thrilled that this book has been written. Parents of prodigals need so much encouragement to keep praying even when they don t see any evidence of the answer.

My mother, Ruth Bell Graham, would have loved this book…. Why? Because she loved prodigals. I know–I was one. James Banks certainly captures the hearts of many mothers and fathers who agonize over wayward children. James has shared from the depth of experience the secret of parental prayers for children and reveals the truth for effective prayer: God s Word. I believe if every parent would peruse these pages they would find guidance and comfort in trusting the Lord with their dearest possessions.

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