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Welcome to our Prodigal Prayer Wall

You can share your prayer requests for your prodigal and praises (for answers to prayer) below. Please stay a moment and pray for others, then come back often to pray and share your answers. Space for each entry is limited to 45 words (and for security purposes does not post immediately). Your requests will be prayed for by our Prodigal Prayer Team and by our prayer meetings at Peace Church, as well as our online community (if you’d like to serve on our Prayer Team please let us know). Please also note that because of high demand we can only post prayer requests or praises that are specifically for prodigals and their families.

We are able to translate prayer requests from Spanish and several other languages.

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Please pray for our daughter, Erin 38. She is twice divorced and has 2 sons. She has been diagnosed with depression and extreme anxiety and is currently unemployed. Please pray for her sons as well. Erin needs Christian friends and others to help lead her to Jesus as well as a good job.


Our prodigal journey continues (10years) and we totally trust God for His timing and unique answer. Pray for Shelby who is now a divorced Mom (with an 18-month-old darling boy), now in a same sex relationship due to the hurt and pain from her choices with men. Bring Shelby home Lord!


Please pray for Luke, our son in treatment for addiction to marijuana and alcohol. He has anxiety and depression and overdosed in a suicide attempt in 2022. He has come out as transgender with hopes to fully transition. Praying for freedom, restoration and salvation.


Please pray for deliverance for my son Joseph, who is struggling with addictions


My precious prodigal daughter…


Please pray for my daughter Madison. She is living an ungodly lifestyle.



Praise God for a major breakthrough for my son Alex.


Thank you for your prayers and love, God removed my son Levi from the streets, he is doing better, God is still working in him, and also in us! Thank you so much Kate, Pastor James and everyone who makes this prayer wall possible. You have been such a blessing to us!


Just had a conversation with my daughter Nanette. She’s thinking about attending our Summer Bible Conference for a couple of days in August. She’s been praying about the situation with Randy, her boyfriend. She is trying to go back to God in her own time. No pressure. Thank you Lord for what you’ve been doing […]


Praise for my son, Josh, in recovery several months. Praise for God’s great love for him, and many mercies. Asking God to bring a man of God to be Josh’s roommate; that he will love my son, and desire to disciple him, and for my son’s heart to be open to the Lord’s love and […]


We would like to thank God for using Pastor James with his books to bring so many of my friends to come together in praying for prodigals.


God has done wonderfully in keeping my son safe. 🙂


I thank god for my amazing children – David & Brooke. I thank God that he will complete his work that he started when they were children. I know that they are not forgotten.

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