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Prayers for Your Children

90 Days of Heartfelt Prayers for Children of Any Age

Busy parents and grandparents will appreciate these already formed prayers that speak God’s promises into the lives of their children. Author and pastor James Banks provides ninety prayers to cover your child during every season of life. With heartfelt wisdom and truth, these ready-to-use prayers focus on specific needs, including knowing Christ as Savior, loving the Lord and others, experiencing God’s protection, and walking in purity. Prayers for Your Children encourages you to partner with God through prayer and speak life-changing blessing over your child.

In Praying the Prayers of the Bible, you’ll find a collection of Scriptural prayers for everyday living, intimate talks with God that will engage your spirit. Taken straight from the Word, these topically arranged petitions help you tell the Lord how much you appreciate Him, ask Him for wisdom and guidance, and so much more. Each section begins with a meditation and ends with “prayer starters” to guide you as you spend personal time with God.

David cried out to the Lord for help when he was fearful, discouraged, even disobedient. The Israelites praised and thanked God for delivering them from the Egyptian army. The prophet Habakkuk continued to approach the Lord with a spirit of hope and joy—even though he knew his people would soon face difficult times. In the lives of many people throughout the Bible, we find examples of practical and relevant conversations with the One who says, “Come and talk with me.”

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