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Loving Well through the Pain of Addiction: Nothing Is Wasted Podcast

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Have you ever watched someone you love struggle through addiction? Or perhaps you were the one with an addiction and saw the devestating impact it had on those who loved you most? How do you heal, on either side of an addiction? For Geoffrey Banks, a youthful curiousity turned into years long struggle with drug addiction while his father, James, endured the pain of watching his son walk through so much self-inflicted pain. Now, years later, Geoffrey is sober and has followed his father’s footsteps into ministry. Both serve as pastors and they’ve taken their heartbreaking journey through the pain of addiction and shared their story with others who are on a similar path, either as the adult child or the parent. Together, they shared what they’ve walked through in their book, Hope Lies Ahead: Encouragement for Parents of Prodigals from a Family that’s Been There. Addiction can feel relentless with one step forward and three steps back, but Geoffrey and James prove that through Christ true healing can come. In this episode, Davey talks with Geoffrey and James about the spiritual warfare that can take place amidst addictive struggles, how to love well those who wrestle with addiction, how our journey with Jesus doesn’t always look neat and tidy, and the role identity can play in our pain and our healing. Whether you’ve walked through an addiction or know someone who has, this conversation will remind you that even when things seem bleak, hope can restore even the most broken stories.

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