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The Encouraging Prayer Radio Broadcast and Podcast!

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The Encouraging Prayer Radio Broadcast on the Truth Network is now available as a podcast! Each week I sit down with syndicated radio talk show host Robby Dilmore for some short, honest talks on prayer, and it’s never dull. Engaging topics like Turning Worry into Prayer, Getting Real with God, and even “Stoopid” Prayers are […]

“How Long, Lord?”

Have you ever prayed that way? If so, you’re in good company. This Encouraging Prayer broadcast/podcast takes a look at how this important prayer occurs in Scripture, and what we can learn from it. Many of us are asking “Are we there yet?” as we make the long journey out of a pandemic. Here’s some […]

What’s Your Prayer Style?

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How do you do it? Do you journal, or pray using pictures of others? Through Jesus, God welcomes us to “the throne of grace” (Hebrews 4:16), and we may spend time with Him there in any number of ways. Knowing what approaches work best for you matters, because if you think you always have to […]

Forgiveness, Prayer, & the Holidays

Ready for that family gathering? Sometimes the holidays are hard–even with those we love most, old hurts can come back and it’s difficult to navigate those waters with love. But there is a way through. In this Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast James discusses the difference that a Savior’s love can make–and the importance of running […]

Praying with Faith

Do you ever struggle with praying with faith? We often do. Maybe you’ve prayed and prayed for someone, and nothing seems to change. Or you hear stories about praying with faith that seem almost too good to be true–and while you don’t want to doubt them, you wonder why things like that don’t happen to […]

How to Pray When You Don’t Feel Like It

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we don’t feel like praying, even though we know we need to. Join James and Robby Dilmore for this candid Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast. You’ll find new strength to go the distance and fresh hope for the way God welcomes our honest prayers. http://traffic.libsyn.com/jamesbanks/6-8-19.mp3

Blessing Those We Love, Pt. 2

The response to yesterday’s post was so good that I thought I’d follow it up with a blessing prayer. The following prayer, “Forever Blessed,” is found on page 301 in my book, Prayers for Your Children. Please use it to help you pray for someone close to you today (and while you’re at it, please […]

Blessing Those We Love

Summer’s almost over, and school’s starting soon. As those we love walk forward in life, we long for them to know God’s blessing. And the beautiful truth is, you and I can be a part of that. The biblical concept of blessing those we love is often overlooked, and there’s much to learn from it! […]

Turn God’s Word into Prayer

There’s something about praying God’s Word. God not only uses it to teach us how to pray, He also meets us and strengthens us there. Pull up a chair and join us for this Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast as we savor Scripture’s words and truth–and the God who stands behind it.

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