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The Encouraging Prayer Radio Broadcast and Podcast!

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The Encouraging Prayer Radio Broadcast on the Truth Network is now available as a podcast! Each week I sit down with syndicated radio talk show host Robby Dilmore for some short, honest talks on prayer, and it’s never dull. Engaging topics like Turning Worry into Prayer, Getting Real with God, and even “Stoopid” Prayers are […]

All About Love

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Love conquers all–even our struggle to pray. When our best efforts at praying fail, God shows us “the most excellent way” (1 Corinthians 13:1). Looking for a way to stay committed as you pray, without being legalistic about it? Listen in as James discusses the difference love make for our praying in this inspiring “Encouraging […]

Prayer in a Pandemic

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People are hurting, and we need to pray. This Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast/podcast is a prayer for the current crisis. James and his host Robby Dilmore invite you to add your prayers to their own. _

Prompted to Pray

“Several years ago I was prompted to pray for you often, and I wonder why.” That text message from an old friend came with a photo of a note she’d kept in her Bible: “Pray for James. Cover mind, thoughts, words.” Beside my name she’d recorded three separate years. I looked at the years and […]

Forgiveness, Prayer, & the Holidays

Ready for that family gathering? Sometimes the holidays are hard–even with those we love most, old hurts can come back and it’s difficult to navigate those waters with love. But there is a way through. In this Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast James discusses the difference that a Savior’s love can make–and the importance of running […]

Alert Circles

African gazelles instinctively form “alert circles” while resting on the savannah. They gather in groups with each animal facing outward in a slightly different direction. This enables them to scan the horizon a full 360 degrees and to communicate about approaching dangers or opportunities. Instead of looking out only for themselves, the members of the […]

Praying with Faith

Do you ever struggle with praying with faith? We often do. Maybe you’ve prayed and prayed for someone, and nothing seems to change. Or you hear stories about praying with faith that seem almost too good to be true–and while you don’t want to doubt them, you wonder why things like that don’t happen to […]

Orando por los Pródigales (Praying for Prodigals–Special Spanish Edition)

James recently sat down with Dr. Jose Luis Garcia of Inspiration Radio (Radio Inspiracion) for an hour episode of “Juventud en Crisis” (“Youth in Crisis”). In this interview (entirely in Spanish), James and Dr. Garcia discuss the Spanish edition of James’s book Prayers for Prodigals and the vital importance of parents’ prayers for their children.

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