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The Encouraging Prayer Radio Broadcast on the Truth Network is now available as a podcast! Each week I sit down with syndicated radio talk show host Robby Dilmore for some short, honest talks on prayer, and it’s never dull. Engaging topics like Turning Worry into Prayer, Getting Real with God, and even “Stoopid” Prayers are […]

Alert Circles

African gazelles instinctively form “alert circles” while resting on the savannah. They gather in groups with each animal facing outward in a slightly different direction. This enables them to scan the horizon a full 360 degrees and to communicate about approaching dangers or opportunities. Instead of looking out only for themselves, the members of the […]

Orando por los Pródigales (Praying for Prodigals–Special Spanish Edition)

James recently sat down with Dr. Jose Luis Garcia of Inspiration Radio (Radio Inspiracion) for an hour episode of “Juventud en Crisis” (“Youth in Crisis”). In this interview (entirely in Spanish), James and Dr. Garcia discuss the Spanish edition of James’s book Prayers for Prodigals and the vital importance of parents’ prayers for their children.

Thanks, Mom!

On this special Mother’s Day edition of Encouraging Prayer we discuss the amazing difference a praying mom can make, as well as some practical ways to pray. Get ready to hear how history is changed….

Praying with Imagination

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our prayers, and when we do, the remedy is to ask for God’s help. There’s no one more creative than He, and when we invite Him to touch our minds and hearts through His Spirit, beautiful things happen. You won’t want to miss this inspiring Encouraging Prayer […]

Praying the Distance

Kevin wiped a tear from his eye as he held out a slip of paper for my wife, Cari, to read. He knew Cari and I were praying for our daughter to return to faith in Jesus. “This note was found in my mother’s Bible after her death, and I hope it encourages you,” he […]

Set Free.

My son Geoff and I are working on a book together that shares our story… and God’s kindness along the way. On this Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast Geoff and I sit down to talk with Robby about  addiction, freedom and the new identity Jesus gives. As you listen, please pray for God’s leading and wisdom for us as we write, that the book may be an encouragement to many.

Successful Prodigal?

We tend to think of prodigals as “down and out,” but it’s not always that way. Our kids may be “killin’ it” in school or in their careers, but if they’re running from God, their eternal future is at stake. Don’t miss this vital “Encouraging Prayer” radio broadcast segment for a challenging reminder to pray.   http://traffic.libsyn.com/jamesbanks/Encouraging_Prayer_07-14-18_.mp3  

Comfort Shared

“God sent you to me tonight!” Those were the parting words from the woman standing in front of me as we exited our flight to Chicago. She had sat across the aisle from me, where I learned she was headed home after several flights in a round-trip that day. “Do you mind if I ask […]

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